-The OrthoSleeve WS6 Compression Wrist Sleeve provides medical grade orthopedic support. Patent pending Compression Zone Technology® provides wrist support and pain relief.  The WS6 Compression Wrist Sleeve provides relief for carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, wrist strain, wrist tendonitis (De Quervains Tenosynovitis), and wrist pain.<br>

-The WS6 provides ultimate wrist support and is the best compression technology available today. This medical grade compression wrist sleeve relieves wrist pain and boosts circulation.<br>

-The WS6 combines a comfortable easy-on-easy-off design with six zones of graduated compression. It is more comfortable and more effective than bulky wrist straps or cuffs. You can wear the sleeve at any time, even under your normal clothes.<br>

-The OrthoSleeve WS6 Compression Wrist Sleeve graduated compression technology boosts circulation, reduces swelling, and provides pain relief. The extra wrist support from the compression sleeve improves circulation to your muscles.  Improved circulation reduces swelling and heals the muscles and tendons in the wrist.<br>

-The WS6 compression wrist sleeve provides the ultimate wrist support through its shaped-to-fit design.  We have also made the WS6 easy to put on, even if you suffer from arthritis.  You can get the support that you need with the WS6 Compression Wrist Sleeve.<br>

-Hypoallergenic gel stabilizer zones also keep the sleeve in position while you stay active. You can now take part in your favorite activities, pain free.

OrthoSleeve WS6 Wrist Compression Sleeve


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